Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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20 years later, the samurai reconstructed on the canvas

1990, end of the samurai epic Villeurbanne . A short life as for many teams at this time however with continuity provided by several of these "fighters" are grouped in a merger in the brand new club Sixty-Niners, the result of a merger with the Crocs Blancs de Lyon.

But with the loss of red and yellow is also the disappearance of Villeurbanne within the elite that is sealed. The city will never recover the glory days of pioneers and its memorable games against other challengers to Aix, Blue Angels and Beavers ... If today

Falcons Bron-Villeurbanne in Lyon where Gones similar to their grandchildren with senior executives formed twenty years ago in junior samurai, this glorious team was doomed to stay at radius yellowed photos at the bottom of a closet to ... unintentional use Facebook a former samurai who cast the glorious days in Aix-en-Provence who shared a simple picture.

Within days of the samurai Villeurbanne have recovered virtually arriving in Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Vienne, Avignon, Marseille, Mexico, Bali, St. Barthelemy or North America.

From there to seal the reunion there was a short step with the creation of a blog. A space dedicated to this history "dinosorienne" the beginnings of American Football in Rhone-Alps, but also vowed to pass the virus that had only sleep in each of them for nearly twenty years.

addition to anecdotes of this antiquity, the U.S. Soccer fans will also find tips, interviews with elders, info on meetings in Lyon ... and perhaps even the possible revival of a traditional book tactic.
In any case, a museum alive the history of football in the region started in the 80s, there are now nearly thirty years.

Philippe Hadef


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